ColdPreserv Medium

Cold Preserv medium

CryoPreserv Medium

CryoPreserv medium

Liver Perfusion Solution I

Liver Perfusion Solution II

VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit

VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit

PreservPlus™ Solution

Preserv plus

What We Do

At chemQ bioscience, we use our extensive knowledge of chemistry and chemical compounds and their interaction with living organisms to design, develop, and market novel proprietary products for bio-preservation of cells (cryo and hypothermic media), cell culture research, liquid-based cytology (LBC), and perfusion of tissues.

We also provide contract research services and perform custom formulation for application- and/or customer-specific projects in bio-preservation, tissue perfusion, cell culture, cytology and related areas. Moreover, we offer consultation to improve processing procedures of the related products. In summary, below is the list of “what we do” at chemQ bioscience LLC.

  • Develop and market novel proprietary liquid products
  • Provide contract research services and custom formulations
  • Offer Consulting to improve processing procedure